Thoracic Surgery

Surgical Associates of Palm Beach County / Boca Care offers a broad range of services for the surgical correction of thoracic, lung and esophageal disorders. We offer the latest techniques in minimally invasive chest surgery and have become a leader in this specialty.  Minimally invasive surgery (MIS) represents a major advance in the management of many conditions including lung cancer.  Using this technique, Dr Waxman is able to perform surgeries in the chest and other areas in the body through little incisions (bandaid size) and with the use of specially designed instruments and high definition cameras.  The use of MIS techniques has increased dramatically over the past few years as surgeons are receiving advanced training and becoming proficient in various procedures to the point that many surgeries nowadays, are being performed routinely using MIS techniques. Previously, they would have only been done the usual open way.

In the case of lung cancer, when diagnosed at an early stage and when found to be small in size without spread to other organ, thoracic surgeons can perform the same lung resection with VATS surgery instead of the traditional open approach.  VATS stands for Video Assisted Thoracic Surgery.  This minimally invasive surgical technique avoids the use of large incisions, spreading or breaking ribs, cutting major muscles and injuring surrounding nerves. A traditional open procedure to remove  a part of the lung usually involves a large incision on the side of the chest and requires  a special metal retractor to spread the ribs apart in order to have visualization and have space for the surgeons hands and intruments inside the chest cavity.

In comparison, VATS surgery requires  3 to 4 bandaid size incisions through which a small camera and specially designed intrumens are passed through the chest wall between the ribs allowing the surgeon to do the same surgery while looking on a monitor.

Among the many advantages of these minimally invasive surgical techniques, there is usually less blood loss, decreased amount of postoperative pain, and a shorter hospital stay.Also, very important is the fact that patients usually regain their level of function they had prior to the surgery much sooner, in comparison to those patients undergoing traditional open techniques.

Minimally Invasive Surgical procedures include:

  • VATS lobectomy
  • Thoracoscopic lung resection
  • Thoracoscopic evaluation and management of pleural space
  • Thoracoscopic mediastinal biopsy
  • Thoracoscopic resection of mediastinal masses
  • Thoracoscopic Staging

Doctors specializing in this area are:

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